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How I Learned the Importance of the First Chapter

March 28, 2012

In my novels, I like to include considerable amounts of narrative and description to carry the plot forward. I also feel it necessary to ‘set the scene’ and let the reader get a feel for the story, before getting to the more steamy parts. Each one of my novels is a complete story, and not simply a succession of sexual activities.

It would appear, from looking at my sales on Amazon Kindle, many if not most readers of erotica fiction are more interested in those steamy parts of the story, rather than the actual plot. It is an experience similar to those modern films that are built around action and have very little plot to substantiate the story.

There is not doubt that the cover you select for your novel is important, and can have an impact on a person’s decision regarding the book. If the cover does not intrigue them, they’re unlikely to read what the book is about. The second most important feature in presenting a novel for sale is your summary of the plot. The keywords that have brought the viewer to your novel in Amazon must be linked to what you write about in your summary.

If your keywords include ‘lust, femdom, erotica, etc’ it is weakening your pitch to the reader to start off in your summary by saying that the novel is a love-story between Jack and his school girlfriend Joan. You need to get right to the meaty parts of your book in the first sentence.

The final and perhaps most important point of all, is that if your first chapter of an erotic romance can be read online, to give the visitor an idea of your writing and your story, then the chapter needs to get right into action. I have posted 4 novels on Amazon, and only 1 has a sexy first chapter. Guess which novel outsells the other combined sales of the other three novels.

I would like to know what you think…


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