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When Does Erotica Become Pornography?

May 11, 2012

Erotic Romance and Erotic Literature are taken to be acceptable writing with passages that arouse the mind of the reader, while pornography is seen to be smutty sex scenes to arouse the body, according the the volume of pages on the subject available on the Internet.

Writers, publishers, and readers see each of these two genres as distinct from the other.

  • Erotica has artistic merit, while pornography has none
  • Erotica has charm and grace, while pornography is uncouth
  • Erotica is a high class of literature, while pornography is low class writing
  • Erotica is within the law, while pornography is often censored, or outlawed
  • Erotica may enlighten and enrich the reader, while pornography can degrade

In summary, the consensus of online opinion appears to be that erotica is literature, but pornography is rubbish.

There is a school of thought, however, that considers there is no rational, or objective difference between erotica and pornography. The vast majority tend to say it is a subjective matter, and each reader will have varying perception about a passage of writing, and decide whether it is erotica or pornography.

When discussing the topic with somebody they often say something like, “Oh yes, I read erotica and find it exciting and arousing, but pornography is for perverts looking for a quick thrill.”

With the plethora of self-published writers uploading their erotic fiction to Websites like Amazon Kindle, Sony, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc., the invisible distinction between the two sexual literature genres is blurring to the point where people are beginning to say, “Does it matter?”

My personal opinion is that erotica must have a substantial plot than encourages the reader to continue turning the page…

What is your opinion?


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